Statement from Our Director

An update from Director Paul R. Tetreault on anti-racist work and the 2020-2021 season at Ford’s Theatre.

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Explore exhibits on Lincoln’s presidency, Civil War milestones and the assassination conspiracy led by John Wilkes Booth.

In our museum, you can view exhibits that follow Abraham Lincoln from the beginning of his presidency to the moments leading up to his assassination. Learn about his life in the White House, the struggles he faced during the Civil War, and his meetings with abolitionist Frederick Douglass. You will also learn about actor John Wilkes Booth, the roots of his hatred toward Lincoln, and the group of people who joined his conspiracy to dismantle the United States government.

The museum features artifacts related to the assassination, including the weapons Booth used.

After visiting the museum, you can continue the story in our Aftermath Exhibits to learn about the fate of the conspirators and how the nation mourned Lincoln's death.

tips for your visit
  • Museum is self-guided.
  • Some entries do not include the museum.
  • Audioguides are available for $5.
  • A museum visit takes ~30 minutes.

Virtual Tour of the Museum

Go on a virtual tour of our museum through Google Arts and Culture. See exhibits and artifacts.


Enhance Your Visit

This pre-recorded audio tour provides additional content and historical background. Available in both youth and adult versions. $5 each. You will be prompted to add an audioguide on when you reserve tickets.

Story Card

With our story cards, you can follow the story of real people from 1865 and learn what life in Washington was like during the Civil War. The cards are free. Ask for them at the box office when you arrive.