Honoring Lincoln

A single gunshot forever altered the course of history and awakened America to the leader who had been at the reins of this fractured society. After his death on April 15, 1865, the country embraced Abraham Lincoln as an icon whose name continues to evoke great leadership.

His Legacy
Lincoln biographer David Herbert Donald said, “Lincoln's experience gives nearly all of us hope that, no matter how humble our beginnings … one can indeed lead an enormously profitable life and one that's invaluable to the country as a whole.”

Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal
The Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal is an annual award given to individuals who exemplify the legacy and character embodied by President Abraham Lincoln.

Leaders on Lincoln
Some of the great leaders of the 21st century have found inspiration in the life and work of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

Actors on Lincoln
Ford's Theatre actors share their experiences portraying our nation’s favorite president on our historic stage.

The Lincoln Legacy Project
The Lincoln Legacy Project is a multi-year effort to create dialogue in our nation’s capital around the issues of tolerance, equality and acceptance. Each fall, through a series of cornerstone theatre productions, educational programs and special events, Ford’s takes a closer look at racial and religious intolerance, social injustice and civil rights in American history and contemporary society.

Why Lincoln Matters Today
We asked artists, scholars and Ford’s Theatre staff to discuss why Lincoln remains relevant to our society today.

Lincoln and Leadership Exhibition
The Lincoln and Leadership Exhibition explores the qualities of good leadership through the lens of some of Abraham Lincoln's key leadership principles and examines why Lincoln has remained relevant into the 21st century.

Remembering Lincoln Digital Collection
We are working with partner institutions and individuals from around the country and the world to collect, digitize and share online—in one place—local responses to the events of April 1865.

Photo of the new Center for Education and Leadership by Maxwell MacKenzie.