10th Street, NW closure

Due to utility work, the intersection of 10th Street and F Street is currently closed and inaccessible to vehicular traffic. The Atlantic Building parking garage can be accessed by turning north on 10th Street from E Street NW. Please use extreme caution when accessing the garage as the block serves 2-way traffic during this closure. Please allow for extra time to arrive at the museum and theatre. It is expected the intersection will reopen in late August.

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Take a virtual tour of Ford's Theatre, the Petersen House and our museum exhibits.

We have partnered with Google Arts and Culture to create a virtual tour of Ford's Theatre.

In the theatre, see the view from the President's Box, where Abraham Lincoln was sitting the night of his assassination. Or stand on the historic stage, where John Wilkes Booth landed after he shot the president.

In the Petersen House, look into the back bedroom where Lincoln died. Or see the front parlor where Mary Lincoln waited anxiously for news of her husband's condition.

Explore historic images that show how the theatre and Petersen House looked in the 1860s and how they have evolved over the last 150 years.

You can also walk through our two exhibit spaces and see the artifacts on display.

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