Take an intimate tour of the historic theatre.

In this guided tour, you’ll discover the details of the assassination conspiracy and the fate of those involved in that historic event.

Stops on the tour include:
  • Balcony and orchestra levels of the historic theatre
  • Entrance to the President’s Box, where Booth waited to shoot the president
  • The historic stage, where you can see the theatre from an actor's perspective
  • The back alley, where you can follow Booth's escape route

Tours are limited to 20 and led by a trained Ford’s Theatre guide with a passion for history.

Reserve earlier tickets to the full historic site including the museum, Petersen House and Aftermath Exhibits.

“It was great to see such a historic theatre and hear about the events. The tour guide did an excellent job telling the story!”

- Ford's Theatre Patron

Dates & Tickets for February 2018

Dates & Tickets For Guided Tours

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