Learn about the hunt for John Wilkes Booth, follow Lincoln’s funeral train and witness a nation in mourning.

The Aftermath Exhibits take you to a Washington street the morning Lincoln died. You will follow Lincoln’s funeral train back to his hometown in Springfield, Illinois. Along the way, you will see the large crowds that gathered to mourn the president each time the train stopped.

As Lincoln’s body traveled back to Illinois, authorities hunted for John Wilkes Booth. In our exhibits, you can follow Booth during the 12 days he was on the run and learn about his capture in Virginia. You’ll also learn about the trial and fate of Booth’s co-conspirators.

Our exhibits also explore how Lincoln has been remembered throughout the decades. See how he has inspired leaders from around the world, and view artifacts that show his evolution into a pop culture icon. 

tips for your visit
  • To visit the Aftermath Exhibits takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Exhibits are located on three floors and accessible by stairs or elevator.
  • See our 34-foot tower of books written about Lincoln.