10th Street, NW closure

Due to utility work, the intersection of 10th Street and F Street is currently closed and inaccessible to vehicular traffic. The Atlantic Building parking garage can be accessed by turning north on 10th Street from E Street NW. Please use extreme caution when accessing the garage as the block serves 2-way traffic during this closure. Please allow for extra time to arrive at the museum and theatre.


Photo of Laura C. Harris (center) with Emily Kester, Jonathan David Martin, Holly Twyford and Nora Achrati in “Silent Sky.” Photo by Scott Suchman.

What a wondrous piece of theater!! My congratulations to all the actors for a splendid reading [of ‘Silent Sky’]! Thank you for sharing your talent and this amazing piece of history!!

- Glenda Cooke Gray

  • Streamed on March 24, 2021

    By Donja R. Love
    Directed by Reginald L. Douglas

    Billie Krishawn as Olivia
    Gary-Kayi Fletcher as Charles
    Temídayo Amay as the Radio News Reporter

    Stage Manager: Brandon Prendergast
    Stage Directions: Temídayo Amay

  • Streamed on December 16, 2020

    By Robert Harling
    Directed by Holly Twyford

    Felicia Curry as Truvy
    Yesenia Iglesias as Annelle
    Kimberly Schraf as Clairee
    Awa Sal Secks as Shelby
    Carolina Clay as M'Lynn
    Sarah Marshall as Ouiser

    Stage Manager: Brandon Prendergast
    Stage Direction: Ashley D. Buster
    Radio Voice Over: Gregory Maheu

  • Streamed on September 17, 2020

    By Lynn Nottage
    Directed by Jennifer L. Nelson

    Awa Sal Secka as Esther
    Dawn Ursula as Mrs. Dickson
    Maria Egler as Mrs. Van Buren
    Jonathan Atkinson as Mr. Marks
    Felicia Curry as Mayme
    Bueka Uwemedimo as George

    Stage Manager: Brandon Prendergast
    Stage Direction: Jade Jones

  • Streamed on July 22, 2020

    By Richard Hellesen
    Directed by Mark Ramont

    David Selby as Abraham Lincoln
    Craig Wallace as Frederick Douglass

    Stage Manager: Brandon Prendergast
    Stage Directions: Sean-Maurice Lynch
    Original Music: John Gromada


"I want to express my appreciation for the read-through of Richard Hellesen’s powerful and absorbing ‘Necessary Sacrifices.’ For this at-home viewer, it was something of a marvel to watch both actors recreate their stage performances while confined to their desks, and not for a live audience but for the unblinking stare of their laptop cameras. Craig Wallace made for a compelling Douglass, an indomitable pillar of mellifluous moral clarity and righteous anger. As for David Selby, I’ve seen a number of stage and film Lincolns, but never with the full-blooded warmth, wry humor, angst, and passion that Selby embodied with seeming effortlessness. A great share of the success of this Lincoln is, of course, due to playwright Hellensen’s deep knowledge and sharp dramatic instincts. Even so, down to his uncanny and engaging recreation of the high reedy voice we know Lincoln possessed, for an hour and three quarters, Selby *was* our sixteenth president - in all his complexity and humanity."

- Steven Lehti

"I got teary-eyed. Thanks for offering the virtual version of 'Intimate Apparel,' a play with which I was familiar, but had never seen. The most emotional moment in my viewing of the presentation was, believe it or not, during the intermission.... As the camera roamed around your beautiful, intimate, but empty theater, I was suddenly struck by how very much I've missed being in it over these past six months. I got teary-eyed. Like everyone else even remotely connected to the performing arts, I sincerely hope that your wonderful venue -- and all the others here, there, and everywhere -- will sooner rather than later be filled with enthusiastic theatergoers."

- Charlie Fontana

"Love the voices. This [reading of ‘Silent Sky’] is also more intimate than the marvelous production was. Much is lost in Zoom but things are also gained."

- Jeremy D. Mayer

"Such a wonderful show in the theater. A treat to see [‘Silent Sky’] again."

- Carol Wayman

"What a wondrous piece of theater!! My congratulations to all the actors for a splendid reading [of ‘Silent Sky’]! Thank you for sharing your talent and this amazing piece of history!!"

- Glenda Cooke Gray