Statement from Our Director

We stand in solidarity with the Black Community. We support your calls of justice for George Floyd and all victims of racial violence and terror.

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Creative Team

Written by Samuel A. Taylor
Director Stephen Rayne
Scenic Design Daniel Lee Conway
Costume Design Wade Laboissonniere
Lighting Design Pat Collins
Sound Design John Gromada
Wig Design Anne Nesmith
Dialects Lynn Watson
Production Stage Manager Brandon Prendergast
Assistant State Manager Kate Kilbane
New York Casting David Caparelliotis, C.S.A.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Donna Migliaccio


Helen Hedman

Maude Larrabee

Kimberly Schraf

Julia Ward McKinlock

Todd Gearhart

Linus Larrabee, Jr

John Dow

Linus Larrabee

Tom Story

David Larrabee

Tonya Beckman Ross

Gretchen/Mary Townsend

Susan Heyward

Sabrina Fairchild

Craig Wallace

Tom Fairchild

Julia Proctor


Michael Morrow Hammack


Derek Kahn Thompson


Casie Platt


Bolton Marsh

Paul D’Argenson