Creative Team

Written by Thornton Wilder
Director Stephen Rayne
Scenic Design Tony Cisek
Costume Design Kate Turner-Walker
Lighting Design Pat Collins
Original Music and Sound Design David Budries and Nathan A. Roberts
Movement and Mime Director Mark Jaster
Hair and Make-Up Design Anne Nesmith
Production Stage Manager Brandon Prendergast
Assistant Stage Manager Kate Kilbane
New York Casting Laura Stanczyk Casting, CSA

Cast (in order of appearance)

Stage Manager


Doc Gibbs

James Konicek

Mrs. Gibbs

Jenn Walker

Understudy for Portia

Mrs. Webb

Kimberly Schraf

Joe Crowell, Jr and Si Crowell

Christopher Wilson

Understudy for Joey Ibanez

Howie Newsome and People of the Town

Kevin McAllister

Understudy for Craig Wallace

George Gibbs

Nickolas Vaughan

Rebecca Gibbs

Brynn Tucker

Wally Webb and People of the Town

Joey Ibanez

Emily Webb

Alyssa Gagarin

Professor Willard and Joe Stoddard

John Lescault

Mr. Webb

Craig Wallace

Mrs. Fairchild and People of the Town

Susan Lynskey

Understudy for Kimberly Schraf

Mr. Carter and People of the Town

Jon Hudson Odom

Understudy or Tony Nam

Simon Stimson

Tom Story

Understudy for James Konicek

Mrs. Soames and People of the Town

Kellee Knighten Hough

Understudy for Jenn Walker

Constable Warren

Frederick Strother

Sam Craig and People of the Town

Tony Nam

Understudy for Kevin McAllister, Nickolas Vaughan

People of the Town

Michael Bunce

Understudy for John Lescault, Jon Hudson Odom, Tom Story, Frederick Strother

People of the Town

Erin Driscoll

Understudy for Alyssa Gagarin, Kellee Knighten Hough, Susan Lynskey, Brynn Tucker