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"An ensemble-driven epic! Wertenbaker has woven a sizable tapestry, and it gains aura being framed at Ford’s. Fascination is partly due to Michael Halling’s subtle, intriguingly contradictory performance as Jefferson. Halling, tall and regal, is convincing as a public intellectual with a private temper. [Director Nataki] Garrett’s ensemble is a smooth unit that includes stalwart D.C. actors Christopher Bloch, Kimberly Gilbert, Thomas Keegan and Maggie Wilder. Michael Kevin Darnell emerges vividly as James Hemings, Jefferson’s liberty-minded servant—he’s like a tuning fork, reverberating with ambition but held in place by his station. "

- The Washington Post

"Outstanding cast! Insightful and powerful! Packed with pearls of historical insight. Now is a perfect opportunity to catch a remarkable American premiere, part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, in the perfect historical setting at the Ford’s Theatre."

- DC Theatre Scene

"Intriguing! Fascinating! Felicia Curry plays the role [of Susannah] with great passion and determination. It is her character who best articulates what constitutes freedom. The great conundrum of our American experience has always been how the Founding Fathers could advocate for liberty while holding others in personal bondage. And if there was ever a theatre where this enigma should be explored, where better than Ford's Theatre? This is, after all, where the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln's life was taken and it remains a living monument to his memory and ideals. Which makes it the perfect venue for Jefferson’s Garden. "

- Broadway World

"A sweeping study of America’s battle for independence. It’s an exciting, provocative play … a stirring show about differing definitions of freedom and the nature of America."

- The Guardian

"A complex portrait of Thomas Jefferson and the men he both inspires and enslaves with his words."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts