"Delightful! It is eternally a lot of fun to watch as the characters, some fairy-tale famous, several others newly invented, contend with both magical catastrophes and everyday dilemmas."

- The Washington Post

"Sensational! A hit! I couldn't wish for a cast better equipped to breathe new life into these characters. Awa Sal Secka manages to steal the show. She brings a richness to the Baker's Wife in every sense. Her lilting, resonant voice captures from the word go. The cast as an ensemble is a force. Jade Jones plays vivacious Little Red and will steal your heart. Rachel Zampelli is delightful as the Witch ... Evan Casey is sweet and sincere as the Baker. Special attention must be paid to Tiziano D'Affuso as Jack's bovine best friend Milky White."

- Broadway World

"Four stars! Somebody’s hauled a fabulous eight-piece orchestra into the enchanted forest of Ford’s new production of Stephen Sondheim’s "Into the Woods," and the brilliant, Tony-winning score, conducted by music director William Yanesh sounds great. A powerful voice and charisma come wrapped in a blood-red cape with Jade Jones’ Red Ridinghood, an appealing mix of wide-eyed fawn and tough cookie. Evan Casey (Baker) and Awa Sal Secka (Baker's Wife) create a sympathetic pair who in the midst of mayhem and mystery seem grounded in the reality of genuine human need, longing and loss. Casey limns a solidly comic Baker, and Secka simply sounds lovely always."

- Metro Weekly

"Zippy, hilarious! "Into the Woods" will make you feel the wonder of childhood."

- DCist

"Enchantment awaits! The production is further blessed with an excellent ensemble; beautiful, clear singing from all (Erin Driscoll, Awa Sal Secka and Rachel Zampelli stand out); and stellar scenic and design work investing all the make-believe with the requisite liveliness. Ford Theatre’s spirited 'Into the Woods' is as bright and smart a revival as one could wish for."

- DC Theatre Scene

"Ford's full ensemble shines! There is no single lead in the show, but Awa Sal Secka takes the honors as the evening’s outstanding performer. Beyond its intensely intricate lyrics, beyond the humorous twists of familiar stories, beyond musical writing that remains stunningly fresh, this is a show that conveys, in an accessible and deeply affecting way, real wisdom about life and what we make of it. In a divisive time, insisting on the absolute necessity of community for survival, the need to act, the value of being able to tell our own stories, and the priceless treasure of the families we choose, "Into the Woods" has the truth of genuinely great art."

- DC Metro Theater Arts

"Majestic! It’s difficult to point out a standout performer in the cast, only because every single one of them is so darn good. If pressed, let’s first name the true leads of the ensemble cast, Evan Casey (Baker) and Awa Sal Secka (Baker’s Wife), who not only have the chemistry of a married couple when together but individually surpass expectations both vocally and as actors. The Witch (Rachel Zampelli) exhibited the perfect amount of “why-am-I-cursed-to-live-next-to-such-dumb-people” (that’s a character trait, promise). And let’s not forget Cinderella (Erin Driscoll), who is pure delight, and her prince (Christopher Mueller), who plays that over-the-top charmer with pinpoint perfection."

- MD Theatre Guide