10th Street, NW closure

Due to utility work, the intersection of 10th Street and F Street is currently closed and inaccessible to vehicular traffic. The Atlantic Building parking garage can be accessed by turning north on 10th Street from E Street NW. Please use extreme caution when accessing the garage as the block serves 2-way traffic during this closure. Please allow for extra time to arrive at the museum and theatre. It is expected the intersection will reopen in late August.

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By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Michael Wilson

Director José Carrasquillo
Scenic Design Lee Savage
Costume Design Alejo Vietti
Lighting Design Rui Rita
Original Music & Sound Design John Gromada
Wig Design Charles G. LaPointe
Choral Director Jay Crowder
Dialects and Vocal Director Rachel Hirshorn-Johnston
Production Stage Managers Craig A. Horness, Brandon Prendergast
Assistant Stage Manager Taryn Friend


Jonathan Atkinson

Bob Cratchit/Ignorance

Michael Bunce

Second Solicitor/Undertaker/Urchin

Debora Crabbe


Maria Egler

Mrs. Dilber/Narrator

Kristen Garaffo

Mrs. Fred's Sister/Beggar Woman/Urchin

Rayanne Gonzales

Spirit of Christmas Present/Fruit and Cider Vendor

Yesenia Iglesias

Mrs. Cratchit/Want

Joe Mallon

Spirit of Christmas Future/Mr. Marvel

Justine "Icy" Moral

Spirit of Christmas Past/Doll Vendor/Belinda/Urchin

Christopher Mueller


Stephen F. Schmidt

Marley's Ghost/Peter

Awa Sal Secka

Mrs. Fred/Fan

Chris Stinson

Boy Scrooge/Topper/First Solicitor/Urchin

Tom Story

Mr. Fezziwig/Tiny Tim/Narrator

Bueka Uwemedimo

Fred/Young Scrooge

Craig Wallace

Ebenezer Scrooge

Emily Zickler

Belle/Martha/Turkey Kid/Urchin