Creative Team

Written by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Michael Wilson
Director Michael Baron
Scenic Design Lee Savage
Costume Design Alejo Vietti
Lighting Design Rui Rita
Original Music and Sound Design Josh Schmidt
Choreographer Shea Sullivan
Wig Design Charles G. LaPointe
Choral Direction Jay Crowder
Dialects and Vocal Director Leigh Wilson Smily
Production Stage Manager Craig A. Horness
Assistant Stage Manager Kevin Robert Fitzpatrick
Casting Mark Ramont

Cast (In alphabetical order)

Bob Cratchit

Christopher Bloch

Martha Cratchit

Brooke Bloomquist

Solicitor #1/Undertaker

Michael Bunce

Solicitor #2

Steven Carpenter

Doll Vendor/Ghost of Christmas Past

Felicia Curry

Dance Captain

Mrs. Fred

Erin Driscoll


Jamie Eacker

Jacob Marley/Old Joe

Drew Eshelman

Ebenezer Scrooge

Edward Gero

Mr. Fezziwig

Rick Hammerly

Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezziwig/Mother at Doll Stand

Helen Hedman

Mrs. Cratchit

Amy McWilliams

Clock Vendor

Stephen F. Schmidt

Fruit Vendor/Ghost of Christmas Present

Anne Stone

Fred/Young Scrooge

Tom Story

Mrs. Fred’s Sister/Beggar Woman

Bligh Voth

Topper/Young Marley

Jacob Yeh

Tiny Tim

Nicholas Snipes

Tiny Tim

Stephen Scholl

Fan/Daughter at Doll Stand

Breana Hogberg

Fan/Daughter at Doll Stand

Lexi Rhem

Peter Cratchit/School Boy

Leo Scheck

Peter Cratchit/School Boy

Rudy Schreiber

Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge

Tori Carter

Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge

Colin Cech

Belinda Cratchit/School Girl

Samara Watkins

Belinda Cratchit/School Girl

Caleigh Davis

Want/School Girl

Katja Volker

Want/School Girl

Rachel Boyd