Book by N. Richard Nash; Music by Harvey Schmidt; Lyrics by Tom Jones

Creative Team

Director and Choreographer Marcia Milgrom Dodge
Music Director Jay Crowder
Scenic Design Michael Schweikardt
Costume Design Wade Laboissonniere
Lighting Design Matthew Richards 
Sound Design David Budries
Hair and Make-Up Design Anne Nesmith
Dialects and Voice Director Leigh Wilson Smiley
Production Stage Manager Craig A. Horness 
Assistant Stage Manager Taryn Friend
Casting Stephanie Klapper Casting, C.S.A., Patrick Pearson

Cast List (in alphabetical order)

Phil Mackey, Station Attendant

Alex Alferov

H.C. Curry, Rancher

Christopher Bloch

Starbuck, Rainmaker

Ben Crawford

Katheryn Brawner, War Widow

Maria Egler

Hanna Curtis, George’s Wife

Jade Jones

Jimmy Curry, H.C.’s Youngest Son

Gregory Maheu

File, Sheriff

Kevin McAllister

Beverly Copeland, Joe’s Wife

Happy McPartlin

Sammie-Sue Miller, Bobbysoxer

Ines Nassara

Lizzie Curry, H.C.’s Daughter

Tracy Lynn Olivera

Snookie Updegraff, Flirty Girl

Bridget Riley

Toby Taylor, Taxi Man

Chris Sizemore

Noah Curry, H.C.’s Oldest Son

Stephen Gregory Smith

George Curtis, Reverend

Stephawn Stephens

Joe Copeland, Rancher

Michael Yeshion


Michael Bunce


Kristen Garaffo