10th Street, NW closure

Due to utility work, the intersection of 10th Street and F Street is currently closed and inaccessible to vehicular traffic. The Atlantic Building parking garage can be accessed by turning north on 10th Street from E Street NW. Please use extreme caution when accessing the garage as the block serves 2-way traffic during this closure. Please allow for extra time to arrive at the museum and theatre. It is expected the intersection will reopen in late August.

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Tie Your Personal Legacy to President Lincoln’s Legacy

Ford’s Theatre explores the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and celebrates the American experience through theatre and education. Planned gifts from forward-thinking donors ensure that Lincoln’s values will be preserved to benefit those who follow. We understand that a planned gift is one of the most personal commitments you can make and we appreciate your consideration.

When you include Ford’s Theatre Society in your estate planning, you become a member of the distinguished Lincoln Legacy Circle, a group of caring donors sustaining Ford’s Theatre as a national treasure and ensuring Lincoln’s vision for the nation is shared with future generations.

Your planned gift will provide important resources and support:

  • learning experiences for nearly one million visitors each year, including more than 250,000 school students;
  • student and teacher education through historical programming, field trips and interactive museum exhibits;
  • live theatre for approximately 100,000 people each season including many who experience it for the first time through our free ticket programs; and
  • immersive educational offerings, such as the National Oratory Fellows program, virtual field trips and Summer Teacher Institutes.

Whether it is a bequest, trust, life insurance proceeds or an arrangement made through your retirement plan, planned gifts of all sizes support Ford’s Theatre long-term and often provide financial benefits to you as well.

No minimum-gift requirements are set by Ford’s Theatre, as gifts of all sizes impact Ford’s future. Your financial advisor can recommend a planned-giving instrument that is best for your charitable goals.

For more information about Lincoln Legacy Circle membership and how to tie your legacy to Lincoln’s, contact the Development Department at (202) 434-9552 or legacy@fords.org.

The Honor of Leaving a Legacy

An Inaugural Lincoln Legacy Circle member shares why he values Ford’s Theatre.

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“I am very proud that my support through donations, as well as my planned gift to Ford’s Theatre, will forever tie my personal legacy to Lincoln’s legacy. I consider this to be a great honor.”
Stanley T. Myles
Photo of Stanley T. Myles, by Scott Price.

Why include Ford’s in your estate plans?

Two of our supporters share why they value Ford’s Theatre.

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“It was an easy decision to include Ford’s in our estate planning. You don’t need to be a certain age. You don’t need to be wealthy. You only need to believe in the value of the arts and to want to share that with others.”
David Insinga and Bob McDonald
Photo of David Insinga and Bob McDonald, by Gary Erskine.

Once Ford’s Theatre Society receives your completed letter of intent, you become a member of the Lincoln Legacy Circle with full benefits of membership:

  • You receive invitations to select events throughout the theatre season.
  • You are recognized at an event honoring Lincoln Legacy Circle members.
  • You are listed as a Lincoln Legacy Circle member in publications.
  • You receive the Lincoln Legacy Circle newsletter.
  • Your personal legacy is now a part of President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy.


For more information about Lincoln Legacy Circle membership and how to tie your legacy to Lincoln’s, contact the Development Department at (202) 434-9552 or legacy@fords.org.