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  • Debating Emancipation

    Teaching Lincoln's Assassination and Legacy

    Students learn to annotate a historical speech to identify and articulate the author’s point of view. Students will identify key issues involved in working through emancipation, including the consequences (pros and cons) of President Abraham Lincoln’s administration changing its position from preventing slavery in new territories/states to eradicating slavery in states in rebellion.

  • The Wiz and Afrofuturism

    "The Wiz" Lesson Plan
    Lessons 6-8

    In this lesson, students will learn about the origins of Afrofuturism and how The Wiz plays a vital role in American art and history.

  • A History of Ragtime

    Classroom Activity
    Lessons 9-12

    After listening to The History of Ragtime podcast with jazz expert Rob Bamberger, students will analyze primary source recordings and find connections with contemporary genres and social history.

  • Come From Away

    Classroom Activities

    Before seeing the show, use our resources to introduce students to the events of 9/11. After the show, apply what students have seen to create original monologues based on new interviewing skills. They’ll create theatre from history…just like the creators of “Come From Away”!