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In this free lesson plan, students learn about Confederate Civil War monuments and the recent push to remove them. For Grades 9-12.

Students will develop their own point of view about the issue while exploring the points of view of others. They will then (working in groups) design a monument to replace the Confederate monuments that have been taken down or to memorialize a significant person or event in history.

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will understand what Confederate Monuments are and why some people (particularly community leaders) want them removed.
  • Students will explore the reasons why some are opposed to the removal of these monuments.
  • Students will design their own monuments to replace the Confederate monuments that were removed. 
Guiding Questions:
  • What are Confederate monuments?
  • Why do some people want these monuments removed?
  • Who is fighting to keep them up and why?
  • What can Confederate monuments be replaced with to satisfy all parties involved?
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Laura Aysen, ST. Tammany Parish, Louisiana High School