We’re Tweeting All the Things: Find Our Staff on Twitter

Want to see photos from backstage at Ford’s? Learn about artifact restoration from our collections manager? Find out what happens during a Ford’s Theatre photo shoot? Discover this and more on several new staff Twitter handles.


Lauren Beyea, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing What she tweets: Sharing info on Ford’s photo shoots and events, blogging tips and whimsical #LincolnLunchbreak adventures with my tiny Abe and Mary sidekicks. Why she likes Twitter: Quick access to news and lots of great business ideas.Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/LaurenBeyea/status/665239211092680704

I strolled to @Kimpton‘s Hotel Monaco today. It was Office of Postmaster General during Civil War #LincolnLunchbreak pic.twitter.com/TjM1xHK9oa

— Lauren Beyea (@LaurenBeyea) November 13, 2015


Gary Erskine, Art Director What he tweets: I like to tweet vintage graphics, first looks of our new designs, behind-the-scenes views of our creative process and talk about new technology. Why he likes Twitter: I like the instant connectivity and vast reach of Twitter. Every time I log on, I meet new colleagues, discover new tech or have great convos. Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/Gary_Erskine/status/664864070458298368

Just finished a photo restoration of faded @fordstheatre 1968 dedication pic Scanner+Photoshop=digital time machine! pic.twitter.com/NwP7Kv7DeN

— Gary Erskine (@Gary_Erskine) November 12, 2015


Heather Hoagland, Exhibitions and Collections Manager What she tweets: I tweet from behind-the-scenes in the Ford’s Theatre museum life, images I dust off from our archives and fun facts (every Friday)! Why she likes Twitter: I like Twitter because it’s the only place in the world where you can talk to Barack Obama and your next door neighbor with equal expectation of a reply. Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/hlhoagland/status/659737779681820672

#ThrowbackThursday Booth and Mary, hanging out with the Office Seekers post-fabrication in 2009. pic.twitter.com/KJ9Pph3ZNR

— Heather Hoagland (@hlhoagland) October 29, 2015


Patrick Pearson, Director of Artistic Programming What he tweets: I tweet about directing, about work in the arts that inspires and excites me, both at Ford’s and beyond, and I tweet about tennis. Why he likes Twitter: Twitter allows you to see a virtual, immediate Polaroid of what’s happening right then and there to whomever you’re following. Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/PatrickDirects/status/664880585354182656

.@fordstheatre Today at work: the wonderful Felicia Curry in flying rehearsal for Christmas Carol. #FordsCarol pic.twitter.com/f8WhxMvoim

— Patrick Pearson (@PatrickDirects) November 12, 2015


Shayla Roland, Special Programming Manager What she tweets: Questions/comments on the current state of theatre (and film and tv) from a curious early/mid-level arts admin and former stage manager. Why she likes Twitter: Twitter allows you to read about and/or jump into interesting arts conversations that you may not have otherwise been privy too. Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/barefoottrees/status/664098460954660864

And then there are the days you spend at your desk, on the floor, in the fetal position reading all of the plays. #whatmakesacohesiveseason?

— Shayla Roland (@barefoottrees) November 10, 2015


Julia Singer, Production Assistant What she tweets: I tweet my experiences working backstage at Ford’s Theatre, as a production assistant. Why she likes Twitter: I like Twitter because it gives me a concise way to show what I’m doing with my day. Sample Tweet: https://twitter.com/Fords_PA/status/662417930794229760

Today’s rehearsal was spent finding out which Christmas Carol character stage management would be. https://t.co/5MyQ81voZe

— Julia Singer (@Fords_PA) November 5, 2015


Alex Wood, Education Programs Coordinator What she tweets: I tweet mostly uplifting and/or thought-provoking stuff related to our student and teacher programs, Lincoln’s legacy and how we tell stories. Why she likes Twitter: I like keeping in touch with our teachers across the country, connecting with people I might not get to meet in person and sharing geek-out moments. Sample tweet:https://twitter.com/xela415/status/664133832023650305

Best student Q this AM: “if I write a book about Lincoln, will it get added to the tower?” Maybe someday, kiddo!