Video: Director Stephen Rayne on “The Widow Lincoln”

Following the assassination of her husband at Ford’s Theatre, Mary Lincoln retreated to a small room in the White House to find some solace from what was a horrific day. “[The play] is an imagining of what went on in that room, of what when on in her mind, of how she coped with his death, the repercussions of being in that room so the new President could not move into the White House,” explains director Stephen Rayne. The Widow Lincoln, the world premiere play set to hit stage January 23, captures the President Lincoln’s widow during her darkest days.

Written for an all-woman cast, The Widow Lincoln showcases important women in Mary Lincoln’s life and how they helped her through those first 40-days. Hear more about the play from Director Stephen Rayne.

Reserve tickets to The Widow Lincoln, directed by Stephen Rayne. Performances run January 23-February 22, 2015.