Social Ambassador Stories: The Lincolns Go Out for Lunch!

One delightful consequence of our Social Media Ambassadors program is #LincolnLunchbreak, a series of posts from Lauren Beyea, our Associate Director of Communications and Marketing. Every Friday Lauren shows us the adventures of her Abraham and Mary Lincoln figurines. We chatted with her about the origins and latest escapades of these giant (yet tiny!) historic figures.

How did #LincolnLunchbreak start? Where did you get the figurines?

My parents gifted me the little Abe and Mary one Christmas after I started my job at Ford’s. The figurines had been sitting on my desk (for 6+ years) in a tiny model of a bus shelter that one of our advertisers had provided our office.

When we were developing our Social Media Ambassadors program, we were tasked with coming up with some sort of weekly social content that followers could return to again and again. It was one of those “Aha!” brainwave moments: I looked at the Lincolns and imagined them traveling with me each week.

What kinds of places do your Lincolns visit?

#LincolnLunchbreak has challenged me to keep seeking new places and things. They are an excuse for my making better use of all the interesting history and unique places that we encounter as Washingtonians.

I’m also a sucker for alliteration and puns, so any image where I can creatively include a thought bubble or a play on words is great fun for me. I hope the #LincolnLunchbreak series provides a little whimsy to these giants of American history.

If you could go anywhere with the Lincolns, where would you travel?

For me it’s most fun to take the little guys out of D.C. because it seems that everywhere I go, I find something related to the real Abraham or Mary Lincoln. Their influence reaches everywhere. This summer they are traveling with me on an Alaskan adventure! You’ll have to look for the results of those sometime in August.

You take such fun photos! What secrets can you share?

The trickiest thing for me is getting the scale right. The Lincolns aren’t any bigger than 3 inches tall, so I have to be creative with camera angles to get the right perspective.  I often have to position myself below the figurines when taking the photos so that they are the focal point.  It is important to be careful with shadows and keep Abe and Mary in focus.

My editing secret is the photo app Pixlr, which has an app on Android and Apple plus a desktop version. With Pixlr, I can resize or crop photos, add thought bubbles, write captions on the images, etc. It’s a great, user-friendly editing tool.

 Any other secrets you can share about the adventures of the “Lilliputian Lincolns?”

I’m amused, and think Mary would be too, that the Mary figurine is slightly taller than the Abraham one. They are certainly not to scale!

Sara Cohen is Marketing Manager at Ford’s Theatre, where she helms the Ford’s Theatre Facebook and Twitter accounts, among other projects that share Lincoln’s legacy with the world. Follow her on Twitter at @SaraECohen.