Go backstage with the cast and crew of The Wiz (even Toto!) with these recent Instagram photo highlights.


Instagram Photos: Meet our Ford's Theatre “The Wiz” Cast

As Dorothy and her friends travel through Oz to meet the Wiz, they experience a magical world—one full of swamp-creature Kalidahs, colorful Munchkins and the all-powerful Wiz himself. As a staff member here at Ford’s Theatre, I have the privilege of knowing how much magic happens behind-the-scenes too. 

Our actors, crew and two special furry guests have been taking over our Instagram account this spring to give you behind-the-scenes access to their friendships, elaborate make-up routines and backstage musical moments. Here are just a few of my favorite posts from their takeovers so far. 

Charlie, one of our two show dogs who play Toto, had a question for The Wiz (Jobari Parker-Namdar)!

Awa Sal Secka, who plays Glinda, congratulates Jocelyn E. Isaac (Dance Captain and Swing) for her work in the show. As a swing, Jocelyn can be asked to take over for any female ensemble member if they must skip a show!

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Sara Cohen is Marketing and Social Media Manager at Ford’s Theatre, where she helms our Facebook and Twitter accounts, among other projects that share Lincoln’s legacy with the world. Follow her on Twitter at @SaraECohen.