A Fresh Take in the Classroom: "Death of a Salesman"

4 min. Read

Nearly every American teacher has either had to read or teach Death of a Salesman in their lifetime. It’s a classic! Ford’s Theatre collaborated with Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) to devise a fresh, cross-disciplinary lesson plan to tackle the theme the American dream. Read more from Jennie Eng and SAAM Teacher Programs Coordinator Elizabeth Dale-Deines.

My Summers at Ford’s Theatre: Bringing Legacies to Life

6 Min. Read

It’s the little things. Reflecting on two summers spent in intensive, content-rich professional development through Ford’s Theatre—as a Civil War Washington Teacher Fellow in 2014 and as a Seat of War and Peace scholar in 2015—the biggest impact on my teaching has been getting to know the ordinary: the everyday objects, spaces and moments that…

Giving Teenagers Confidence Through Oratory Training

For the last several years, I’ve worked as a Ford’s Theatre Teaching Artist, teaching Lincoln’s speeches and oratory skills to area middle school students. At the end of the program, the students come to Ford’s to deliver their chosen speech. Inevitably, the students always ask me this question: “When we go inside will there be,…

A Teacher Fellow Week Recap [photos]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ford’s Theatre Education recently concluded its first of four summer teacher programs. In the following post, Education Programs Coordinator Alexandria Wood shares some of her favorite pictures from the first session with our Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows. The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows is…