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Celebrating Juneteenth: A Day of Remembrance

6 min. Read

Happy Juneteenth from Ford’s Theatre! The year 2021 marks the 41st anniversary of the first official Juneteenth day of observance and is the first year that Juneteenth is recognized as a federal holiday.  Development Associate Erin Smith explains.

Washington’s Civil War Illuminations and a Modern-Day Win

4 min. Read

Euphoria and relief engulfed Washington City following Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to United States General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. When Lee signed the surrender documents, the immediate threat to Washington was over. The Civil War officially ended just over a month later. The mood this struck must have been similar to when sports fans watched Nationals’s second basemen, Howie Kendrick, hit a two-run homer in the seventh inning of Game 7 of the 2019 World Series to put the Nationals ahead for good. The game wasn’t officially over, but victory was soon to come. It was time to party.