Books for the Beach

5 Min Read

Lead Teaching Artist Jennie Eng has added next season's plays to her summer reading list. She recently discovered a consistent theme for these seemingly divergent works.

Bringing Podcasting Into the Classroom

5 min. Read

Editor’s note: In the following post, Ford’s Theatre Teacher-in-Residence (summer 2016) Dave McIntire discusses how to use podcasting as a teaching tool for middle school students’ public speaking. As a Ford’s National Oratory Fellow, I strive to create opportunities for my students to share learning through public speaking.  An interesting way I’ve done this is…

Summer in the City: Teachers-in-Residence Share their Expertise

3 Min. Read

Summertime with Ford’s Education means welcoming our new Teachers-in-Residence. This year, we have the good fortune of working with not one, but two incredible educators! This year’s powerful duo will help us better understand teachers’ needs and steer us toward developing and implementing more useful resources and programs.

Citizen Historians: Students Help Research Remembering Lincoln

6 Min. Read

Editor’s Note: Chris Lese, a teacher at Marquette University High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently worked with Ford’s Theatre to bring his students into local archives and upload responses to the Lincoln assassination to the Remembering Lincoln Digital Collection. Here, he shares his experiences. How do you help students become independent learners? One way is…

Using Video to Chart Students’ Oratory Progress

Editor’s Note: In this post, eighth-grade teacher and Ford’s Oratory Fellow Giani Clarkson shares his experiences teaching the art of oratory to his students in Washington, D.C. As we begin a new year, and resolutions abound, taking a look back with students can be insightful. Honoring one’s past is a good thing—not only does it…

The Glass Menagerie: Meet the Characters

Tennessee Williams’s memory play, The Glass Menagerie, focuses solely on the insular world of the Wingfield family. The Wingfield apartment is a confining space in both structure and feeling, and is filled with unrealized hopes and dreams. The portrait of their absentee father hangs on the wall, reminding them daily of their insignificance to the…