Accessibility Alert - Elevator Outage

Elevator access to Ford’s Theatre and Ford’s Theatre Museum is unavailable through June 30, 2021, while repairs are underway.

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The Power of Place at Ford's Theatre

4 min. Read

Ford’s Theatre is a space that lives in the collective imagination, but one that Ford’s artists are intimately acquainted with. Writer and BIPOC Critics Lab Fellow Rishi Mutalik spoke with Ford’s actors, designers, directors and staff to discover what makes the historic theatre and site of President Lincoln’s assassination so very special.

Origins and Inspirations for Damon Runyon's Classic Musical "Guys and Dolls"

4 min. Read

Following friend (and racketeer) Arnold Rothstein’s murder, Damon Runyon used Rothstein’s trial as inspiration to write stories in a perpetual present tense. Runyon found his home in his fictional Runyonland, a place created from his observations of Broadway’s nightlife. Learn more about the origins of the classic musical Guys and Dolls in this post.