Who was Detective James McDevitt and what did he Discover about Lincoln's Assassination?

4 Min. Read

Shortly after President Abraham Lincoln was carried to the Petersen boardinghouse on the night of April 14, 1865, rumors spread about a separate attack on Secretary of State William H. Seward. People began to bombard the Metropolitan Police Station with personal testimonies, spouting wild speculation as to the meaning. James McDevitt was on the case.

Assassination Eyewitness: Carl Bersch’s Eyewitness Oil Painting Returns to the Scene

5 Min. Read

While many depictions of the events surrounding President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination exist, most are artist renditions, created well after the fact. As of April 14, 2016, visitors to the Ford’s Theatre campus may now see the only known artistic representation of the Lincoln assassination created by an eyewitness. We are honored to commemorate the 151st…

Broadway’s Ben Crawford: Performing in “110 in the Shade”

5 Min. Read

Now a month into its spring run at Ford’s Theatre, the musical 110 in the Shade is wowing audiences and critics alike with its big heart, marvelously sung performances and dynamic direction and choreography. We recently connected with actor Ben Crawford, who plays the animated rainmaker Starbuck, to hear his thoughts on the production and…

My Summers at Ford’s Theatre: Bringing Legacies to Life

6 Min. Read

It’s the little things. Reflecting on two summers spent in intensive, content-rich professional development through Ford’s Theatre—as a Civil War Washington Teacher Fellow in 2014 and as a Seat of War and Peace scholar in 2015—the biggest impact on my teaching has been getting to know the ordinary: the everyday objects, spaces and moments that…

A Stitch in Time: Historic Quilt Features Who’s Who of Civil War

8 Min. Read

Constructed by the U.S. Sanitary Commission volunteers during the Civil War, the remarkable quilt below was auctioned at the Philadelphia Sanitary Fair in 1864 to raise funds that were used to improve sanitary conditions for soldiers throughout the Union Army. Over the course of the war, at Sanitary Fairs throughout the North, thousands of U.S.…