Highlights from the Museum: Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War

The Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War exhibition is filled with insights about President Lincoln and the technological advancements of the 19th century. The exhibit’s curator, Stephen Wilson, tells us how the museum holds snapshots of history. Nearly 50 artifacts are featured demonstrating the improvements in weaponry, the telegraph, the railroad system and photography.…

Ford’s Theatre Recognized as Center for Literacy Education

3 min. Read

Since the spring of 2011, Ford’s Theatre Education has had the privilege and honor to develop programming for and work with a special group of educators, the Ford’s Theatre National Oratory Fellows. The Oratory Fellows partner with Ford’s teaching artists throughout the school year to integrate oratory and performance into their classroom practice. Fellows represent…

Civil War 150: Sinking the USS Housatonic

3 min. Read

The Civil War was a time of innovation and technological changes to the art of warfare. The world saw the creation of new guns and weapons, including the machine gun and repeating rifles. The railroad was built at rapid speed in order to connect the West to the East.