Remembering Lincoln Update: Building the Website

Since we last posted an update in July about the progress of the Remembering Lincoln digital project, we’ve been busy—thus we haven’t posted another in a while! So, for the sake of other institutions interested in undertaking a similar digital public history project, and for those who like to be in the loop, here’s an…

Video Message: Lincoln’s Legacy of Giving

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln often visited Union Army hospitals throughout the year and at the holidays? Inspired by Lincoln’s legacy of giving and the messages of charity in A Christmas Carol, Ford’s Theatre likes to give back to our local community. For the past six years, Ford’s and the company of A Christmas…

A Civil War Christmas

4.5 min. Read

John T. Ford first opened a theatre at the current Ford’s Theatre site in 1861, around the beginning of the Civil War. What was Christmas like during the bloodiest war in American history?