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With One Voice: Teaching Text Beyond Lincoln’s Words

4 min. Read

Historically, Ford’s Theatre Oratory Programs have featured speeches by Abraham Lincoln. In 2020, the program added speeches by others. These additional speeches reflect shared ideas and values that shape the United States: freedom for all, the importance of standing against injustice, integrity and the right of self-determination. Together, the speeches represent the strength and diversity of one nation of people, working towards the same goals.

Origins and Inspirations for Damon Runyon's Classic Musical "Guys and Dolls"

4 min. Read

Following friend (and racketeer) Arnold Rothstein’s murder, Damon Runyon used Rothstein’s trial as inspiration to write stories in a perpetual present tense. Runyon found his home in his fictional Runyonland, a place created from his observations of Broadway’s nightlife. Learn more about the origins of the classic musical Guys and Dolls in this post.