Oratory at Ford's Theatre

Ford's Theatre teaching artists use oratory to help students build speech, writing and leadership skills. Students build skills for self-expression, using the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and others to learn the tools of rhetoric and oratory. 

Through Lincoln’s Words: Oratory Residency & Festival
A five-visit residency with a Ford’s Theatre teaching artist for grades 3-8. The residency culminates with the Oratory Festival, at which students perform a famous Lincoln speech from the Ford’s Theatre stage.

National Lincoln Oratory Festival
Invites 3rd-8th Grade classrooms to study a history speech by Abraham Lincoln, explore what President Lincoln’s words means to them, and to share their ideas with Ford’s Theatre via a classroom video performance of the speech.

Oratory Residencies
In either in-school or after-school residencies for grades 3-12, a Ford's Theatre teaching artist works with students to develop their own powerful voices through speech, writing and leadership skills.

National Oratory Fellows
The program is open to previous Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows teaching grades 5-8. This professional development program helps educators learn how to use oratory and performance as teaching strategies in history and ELA classrooms. Learn how to make history content come alive for your students as they discover the meaning and context behind some of history’s greatest speeches, and the people who spoke them. 

Oratory Videso


Oratory Tips and Tricks