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Remembering Lincoln Progress Report: Project Planning Meeting

Note: As we proceed with our "Remembering Lincoln" online project, we’re going to post project updates here. One of our goals for this project is to make it a model for such projects in the future, and to be as transparent as we can about the planning process. So over the next year, we will blog about the project as it progresses. Many of our posts will highlight specific items, ways that different people can use the site, and periodic “progress reports,” like this below.

Introducing “Remembering Lincoln”

In 1865, as people around the country and around the world heard about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, they recorded their reactions in many forms—from written materials like diaries and letters to decorative items like ribbons and flags.

Civil War 150: The Gettysburg Address

On November 19, 1863, 15,000 people stood in the brisk autumn air in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to partake in the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery. Four months earlier, the ground had been littered with bodies and remnants of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. A dedication ceremony honoring those who had died was planned on the battlefield.

With Charity for All: Lives Changed by Hate

The following blog post may include language considered offensive by some readers.